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Felix J. Deneau Jr. was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He grew up with such television favorites as, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Jackie Gleason Show, and of course The Dean Martin Show. He collected almost all of Dean’s albums of the time and would practice impersonating him on his record player. He would also imitate a number of other celebrities as well.

After graduating high school, Felix joined the U.S. Navy, and continued to act and impersonate people while off duty. On his free time from the ship / base, Felix would go to Las Vegas to catch some shows.  On a memorable visit to one of Dean Martin's shows at MGM Grand, he was able to accompany Dean onstage and perform his impersonation of him.  Dean was amazed at his talent and said “That’s pretty damn good kid.”

After the Navy, Felix went on to college and received his Bachelor of Science in Communication / Theatre Arts at the University of Wisconsin, River Falls. He auditioned for Disney and accepted a job offer to open Disney / MGM Studios, bringing him to Central Florida.

Felix currently works for Universal Studios Florida, impersonating a number of movie celebrities and performs in shows and has been with them since opening. Felix met Steve Roman (Sammy), and Armando Diaz (Frank), two very talented performers and singers, in September of 2007. In turn, The Central Florida Rat Pack was created.

“Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime”.



Steve Roman was born in Brooklyn, NY. He was raised in the Bronx and lived in Manhattan.

His mother is from Puerto Rico and his father is from Italy. Steve started singing at the age of 14 years old. By the age of 16 he was in a Merengue band which landed him in a famous international salsa band called " Orquesta Lucas." Steve is also known for being versatile and not only sings but plays instruments, dances and did some acting in New York City at the 14th Street Repertory Theatre.

In 2002 Steve made his big move to Florida and had a dream where he wanted to recreate the Rat Pack. As time went by, his dream came true when he met two talented individuals, Armando Diaz as Frank Sinatra and Felix Deneau as Dean Martin.

Steve Roman resides now in beautiful Altamonte Springs, FL with his wife Helen Garcia and his step daughter Vanessa.




Armando Diaz was born in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up with the music of Frank Sinatra echoing throughout the neighborhood. This left him with an enduring connection to the man and his music.

While visiting friends in Las Vegas, Armando was taken on his birthday to see the Rat Pack show at the Greek Isles Hotel. Armando was inspired by the performances of Gary Anthony as Frank, and Luis Velez as Sammy. After returning to Orlando, he asked a friend who was a singer, and bar owner, if he would think about forming a Rat Pack group. With very little experience, he had no intention of singing.

Steve Roman (SAMMY) was the first to join the group. He persuaded Armando to try to impersonate the Chairman of the Board. In September of 2007, Felix Deneau (Dean) joined the group and The Central Florida Rat Pack was formed. Mr. Diaz continues his tribute to Frank Sinatra with admiration and affection.





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